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Penn Daivam

1970 164’ b&w Tamil d M.A. Thirumugham pc Dandayuthapani Films st A. Abdul Muthalif dial Arur Doss lyr Alangudi Somu, Kannadasan c P. Bhaskar Rao m V. Kumar lp Laxmi, Jaishankar, Padmini, Sundarrajan, S.P. Muthuraman, Nagesh, Thengai Srinivasan, Udayachandrika

Elaborate Padmini melodrama marking her change to mother roles. Ponnamma (Padmini) is the suffering wife of a criminal (Sundarrajan) who leaves her and forces their son (Muthuraman) into a life of violent crime. Their daughter (Lakshmi), placed in a home for destitutes, is adopted and raised by a rich man in whose house Ponnamma becomes a servant. Later, the criminal father tries to kidnap his daughter and is confronted by his wife. The criminal son dies. The film’s love interest is integrated into the crime melodrama when the daughter falls in love with a police inspector (Jaishankar).