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1992 134’ col/scope Telugu d/p/sc A.M. Rathnam pc Surya Chitra st Siddique-Lal dial Parachuri Bros. lyr Bhuvana Chandra, Vaddepalli Krishna c S. Gopala Reddy m Raj-Koti lp Jagapathi Babu, Sukanya, N.N. Pillai,P. Bhanumathi, Vijaya Kumar, Sudhakar, Rami Reddy, Chandramohan, Balaiah, Kavitha

Story of two feuding families from the politically powerful kamma caste. One is led by the patriarch Parvataneni Parasu Ramayya (Pillai), the other by the voluble Adusumilli Basavapunnamma (Bhanumathi). The four sons of the former (Kumar, Chandramohan, Reddy and Babu) are deeply loyal to their father, but trouble starts when the youngest son (Babu) falls for Basavapunnamma’s granddaughter (Sukanya). The young couple, after a long narrative, eventually get the two families to reunite. A generally loud film, the commercial hit was known mainly for Raj- Koti’s music and for the performances of the two egotistic family heads.