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1952 172’ b&w Telugu d Kadaru Nagabhushanam pc Rajarajeshwari Films s/co-lyr Kopparapu Subba Rao co-lyr Sambasiva Rao, Babji c P. Ellappa m H.R. Padmanabha Sastry lp P. Kannamba, Anjali Devi, M. Sriramamurthy, Relangi Venkatramaiah, Doraiswamy, Lingamurthy, D. Sadasivarao, Tulasi, Muthulakshmi

Rural drama in the tradition of Palletooru (1952). The evil son of the zamindar loves the same girl as the hero (Sriramamurthy) and has the hero expelled from the village. The hero manages to return and all zamindar land is eventually redistributed to the poor peasants. There is a parallel comedy story including a prostitute, a manager, the manager’s assistant and the assistant’s lover.