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Peda Rayudu

1995 165’ col Telugu d Raviraja Pinisetty pc Shri Lakshmi Prasanna Pics. p Mohan Babu st/sc K.S. Ravikumar dial Satyamurthy, lyr Bhuvana Chandra, Sri Harsha, Samavedam Shanmugha Sharma c K.S. Prakash m Koti lp Mohan Babu, Bhanupriya, Rajnikant, Soundarya

Feudal melodrama and one of the big successes of the Telugu cinema. Tamil star Rajnikant plays a small role of a benevolent village chief who is killed by his brother-in-law and nephew (the film’s villains). His two sons (both played by Mohan Babu) grow up as orphans, with the elder brother raising the younger. The two fall apart when the elder son becomes the village chief, while the younger - accused of a crime he did not commit - is banished from the village. Later, when a second feud develops between the two families, the younger brother returns to avenge his father’s death, while the elder brother as well as his wife (Bhanupriya) die.