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Pashupati Chatterjee (1906-91?)

Bengali director born in Chandernagore, West Bengal. Graduated from Calcutta University and became a photo-journalist. Worked with Premankur Atorthy on the journal Nachgar. Assisted Debaki Bose (1934) on Inquilab?; then joined New Theatres (1935) where he worked with Amar Mullick (e.g. lyrics for Bardidi?, 1939; dialogues for Abhinetri, 1940). Became an independent producer with Swami and was active in trade organisations. Early films based on Saratchandra’s fiction. He edited a number of journals including the literary journal Natun Lekha and wrote extensively on film history, e.g. in the Calcutta Film Society journal Chitravash.

FILMOGRAPHY: 1942: Parineeta; 1944: Shesh Raksha; 1948: Priyatama; Arakshaniya; 1949: Swami; 1951: Nastaneer; 1953: Niskriti; 1954: Shoroshi; 1955: Nishiddha Phal; 1956: Mamlar Phal; 1959: Mriter Martye Agaman.