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  • Paroma Parama

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     41985 134’[B]/138’[H] col Bengali/Hindi 
     5d/s Aparna Sen pc Usha Ents lyr Gulzar 
     6c Ashok Mehta m Bhaskar Chandavarkar 
     7lp Raakhee, Sandhya Rani Chatterjee, Aparna 
     8Sen, Mukul Sharma, Dipankar De, Anil 
     9Chatterjee, Bharati Devi, Chitti Ghosal, Manas 
     10Mukherjee Jr, Arjun Guha-Thakurta 
     13Sen followed up her directorial debut, 36 
     14Chowringhee Lane (1981) with this story 
     15about a 40-year-old married woman, Parama 
     16(Raakhee) who falls in love with Rahul 
     17(Sharma), an expatriate photo-journalist 
     18working for glossy magazines who 
     19photographs her making her look glamorous. 
     20Their affair, and the invasion of the glamour 
     21machine into her life, becomes a problem 
     22when some of the photographs, earlier 
     23admired by the family, are published in a 
     24journal. Parama is rejected by her husband and 
     25has a mental breakdown. In the end, a doctor 
     26suggests prescribing psychiatric treatment and 
     27when Parama adamantly refuses any sense of 
     28guilt, her young daughter comes and gives her 
     29mother moral support. The film is notable 
     30mainly for its emancipatory thrust, undermined 
     31by a class-inflected sense of nostalgia for 
     32‘belonging’, rather than for its cinematic 
     33qualities which are akin to the kitschy style of 
     34glossy consumer magazines. The Bengali 
     35version, shown in Calcutta amid much 
     36controversy, was successful; the Hindi version 
     37received a fitful release.