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1989 154’ col/scope Hindi d/p/st Vidhu Vinod Chopra pc Vidhu Vinod Chopra Films sc Shivkumar dial Imtiaz Hussain lyr Khursheed Hallauri c Binod Pradhan m R.D. Burman lp Anil Kapoor, Jackie Shroff, Madhuri Dixit, Nana Patekar, Anupam Kher, Kader Khan, Suresh Oberoi, Tom Alter

Chopra’s biggest mainstream movie, known mainly for his thrillers (Sazaaye Maut, 1981; Khamosh, 1985) and the famous Pepsi commercial announcing the multinational’s entry into India. A spectacular, lyrical opening introduces the viewer to Bombay in this postmodern variation of the Hindi crime movie. With low-angle tracking shots and swiftly changing volumes in the image, the film tells of a mentally unbalanced villain, Anna (Patekar) and his henchman Kishen (Shroff) who supports his innocent brother Karan (Kapoor). Karan is used as a bait to trap the cop (Kher) and is eventually killed on his wedding night. Elder brother Kishen, until then divided between his responsibilities to his brother and to Anna, finally turns against his employer and sets him on fire. The film flopped but was critically acclaimed for its soundtrack, its use of CinemaScope and for Patekar’s streetwise performance.