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aka Khozheniye Za Tri Morya aka The Foreigner 1957 110’(76’) col Hindi/Russian? co-d/co-sc K.A. Abbas co-d Vassily M. Pronin pc Naya Sansar, Mosfilm co-sc Maria Smirnova lyr Prem Dhawan, Ali Sardar Jafri c E. Andrikaniz, V. Nikolaev, Ramchandra Singh m Anil Biswas lp Nargis, Oleg Strizhenov, Balraj Sahni, Prithviraj Kapoor, Jairaj, David, Achala Sachdev, Manmohan Krishna, Padmini, V. Obuchova, V. Beliachov, S. Kayukov, N. Zhivago

A Nehruite Indo-Soviet co-production made in the wake of the Khrushchov ‘thaw’ about the first Russian to set up a trading mission in India in the 15th C. The Muscovite Afanasi (Oleg) travels to India down the Volga, across Iran’s deserts and the Arabian sea. In India he meets the fair maiden Champa (Nargis) through whom he discovers Indian civilisation. The film was shot on numerous tourist locations in India. The Russian version ran for 76’ only. Pronin is known mainly for making an early Tadzhik feature in 1947 (Son of Tadzhikistan) and the first Kirghiz feature, Saltanat (1955).