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     1'''Pankaj Mullick (1905-78)''' 
     4Bengali composer, singer and actor born in 
     5Calcutta. Left college to concentrate on music; 
     6trained by Durgadas Bannerjee and then by 
     7Dinendranath Tagore. Released his first record 
     8for Vielophone (1926) and made his début on 
     9radio at the Indian Broadcasting Co. in its 
     10inaugural year (1927). Associated for several 
     11years with radio as producer, musician and 
     12educator e.g. in the popular programme 
     13Sangeet Shikshar Asar (from Sept. 1929) and 
     14the annual Mahishamardini broadcast. Film 
     15début conducting the live orchestra for 
     16International Filmcraft’s silents Chasher Meye 
     17and Chorekanta (both 1931). Joined New 
     18Theatres, composing Atorthy’s epic Yahudi 
     19Ki Ladki. Scored several films with R.C. Boral, 
     20e.g. Barua’s Devdas, Grihadah and Maya, 
     21Chunder’s Karodpati and Nitin Bose’s Didi/ 
     22President. Achieved fame for Mukti, where he 
     23composed one Tagore song, Diner sheshe 
     24ghumer deshe, with the poet’s endorsement, and 
     25for popularising Rabindra Sangeet in Hindi. After 
     26Mukti’s success he concentrated for some years 
     27on playback singing (e.g. Anjangarh, 1948) and 
     28on acting. Returned to composition for Kartick 
     29Chattopadhyay’s films and Paul Zils’s Zalzala. 
     30Released a record singing the songs he 
     31composed for Saigal in Meri Bahen, e.g. 
     32Chupo na, Do naina matwale et al. Published 
     33his memoirs, Ganer Surer Asanakhani, in a 
     34special issue of Desh (1973) and his 
     35autobiography under the title Amar Jug Amar 
     36Gaan (1980). 
     39'''FILMOGRAPHY''' (* also act/** act only): 
     401933: Yahudi Ki Ladki; 1935: Bhagya 
     41Chakra; Devdas; 1936: Karodpati; Maya; 
     42Grihadah; 1937: Didi/President; Mukti*; 
     431938: Adhikar**; Abhigyan**; Desher 
     44Mati*/Dharti Mata; Dushman/Jiban 
     45Maran; 1939: Bardidi/Badi Didi; Kapal 
     46Kundala*; 1940: Zindagi; Nartaki*; 
     47Alochhaya/Aandhi**; Doctor*; 1941: 
     48Doctor*; 1942: Meenakshi; 1943: Kashinath; 
     49Dikshul; 1944: Meri Bahen; 1945: Dui 
     50Purush; 1947: Nurse Sisi; Ramer Sumati/ 
     51Chhota Bhai; 1948: Pratibad/Oonch Neech; 
     521949: Manzoor; 1950: Roopkatha/Roop 
     53Kahani; 1952: Mahaprasthaner Pathey/ 
     54Yatrik; Chhoti Maa; Zalzala; 1953: Bana 
     55Hansi; Nabin Yatra/Naya Safar; 1954: 
     56Chitrangada; 1955: Amar Saigal; Raikamal; 
     571957: Louha-Kapat; 1961: Ahwan; 1972: 
     58Bighalita Karuna Janhabi Jamuna.