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1994 154’ col Malayalam d Mohan pc Kairali Films p Mohan Kumar s Cheriyan Kalpakavadi lyr K. Jayakumar c Saroj Padhy m Johnson lp Mohanlal, Thilakan, Shantikrishna, Shobhana, Venu Nagavalli

When his father dies, the middle-class youth Balachandran (Mohanlal) finds himself faced with unexpected new burdens. He joins the Indian Administrative Service and becomes a minor administrator. He is also forced by his new circumstances to abandon his childhood sweetheart (Shobhana) and marry the daughter (Shantikrishna) of a rich landlord. Many of the ‘personal’ aspects of the male lead’s dilemmas are used to individualize and psychologize the political aspects of a bureaucrat’s responsibilities.