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1959 188’ b&w Hindi d S.S. Vasan pc Gemini s Kothamangalam Subbu dial Ramanand Sagar, T. Mukherjee lyr Pradeep c P. Ellappa m C. Ramchandra lp Dilip Kumar, Vyjayanthimala, Raaj Kumar, Pandharibai, Motilal, B. Saroja Devi, Johnny Walker, Minoo Mumtaz

After Mr Sampat (1952) and Insaniyat (1955), this multi-star melodrama consolidated S.S. Vasan’s efforts to break into the Hindi cinema. Poor heroine Manju (Vyjayanthimala) befriends Malati (Saroja Devi), the daughter of rich millowner Seth Sewakram (Motilal). The engineer Ratanlal (D. Kumar), together with his brother Ramlal (Raaj Kumar), works at Sewakram’s mill where he meets Manju again and falls in love with her. The complicated story that ensues involves Ratanlal setting up a union while his brother Ramlal tries to break it under pressure from the boss. The major twist in the plot is that Manju is revealed to be the rich millowner’s daughter, whereupon she tries to burn down the mill. Ratanlal, who tries to stop her, is arrested and jailed for arson before the story is eventually resolved.