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Pachani Samsaram

1992 157’ col Telugu d/sc Tammareddy Bharatwaja pc Powmax Films p G. Haribabu st/dial Aakella lyr Bhuvana Chandra, Mallemala c Sarath m Vidyasagar lp Krishna, Aamani, Nirosha, Raj Kumar, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Babu Mohan, Sudhakar, Rama Raju, Chandrakant

Successful melodrama re-establishing erstwhile superstar Krishna. He plays the sacrificing hero who educates his step-brothers, but is abandoned by them. He then single-handedly cultivates a piece of arid land on the outskirts of a village while his step-brothers recognise their mistake and reunite. Srinivasa Rao played a typical villain, who had killed their father and destroyed the family.