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     4aka The Crossing 
     51984 141’(120’) col Hindi 
     6d/co-sc/c/m Gautam Ghose pc Orchid Films 
     7co-sc Partha Bannerjee st Samaresh Bose’s short 
     8story Paarhi dial S.P. Singh. 
     9lp Naseeruddin Shah, Shabana Azmi, Utpal 
     10Dutt, Om Puri, Mohan Agashe, Anil 
     11Chatterjee, Ruma Guha-Thakurta, Sunil 
     12Mukherjee, Kamu Mukherjee 
     15One of the former photo-journalist and 
     16documentarist Ghosh’s best-known films, it 
     17features a familiar New Indian Cinema cast: 
     18Shah, Puri and Azmi. A fable of exploitation in 
     19rural Bihar, in which the landlord’s (Dutt) men 
     20wreck a village and kill the benevolent 
     21schoolmaster (Chatterjee) who was its 
     22progressive force. The labourer Naurangia 
     23(Shah) breaks with a tradition of passive 
     24resistance and retaliates by killing the 
     25landlord’s brother. Naurangia and his wife 
     26Rama (Azmi) become fugitives from justice. 
     27After many efforts to find sustenance 
     28elsewhere, the two decide to return home. To 
     29earn the fare, they agree to drive a herd of pigs 
     30through a river, causing the pregnant Rama to 
     31believe she has lost her baby. At the end of the 
     32film Naurangia puts his ear to her belly and 
     33listens to the heartbeats of the unborn child. 
     34The original short story dealt mainly with the 
     35river crossing and the film was criticised for not 
     36adequately integrating this episode with the 
     37others. With this film Ghosh joined the trend of 
     3870s ruralist realism, although the river-crossing 
     39episode achieves a wider metaphoric