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Paap No Fej

aka The Debt ofSin 1924 St 6782 ft b&w co-d Ardeshir Irani co-dis Naval Gandhi pc Majestic Film c Bhogilal K.M. Dave lpB.P. Mishra, Tara, Asooji, Elizer

The best-known Gandhi-Irani co-direction at Majestic is a moralistic social in a contemporary setting, successfully translating Hollywood conventions (e.g. parallel cutting). The plot concerns a young woman, Sarojini (Tara), who, under the influence of her jailbird cousin Jairam (Mishra) swindles her aged husband and ruins her lover, the next door neighbour Thakurdas (Asooji). In spite of the moralism, the film's interest and energy derive from the depiction of moral turpitude and modernity represented by a race course, the cotton market and bars. Highlights include a car chase and Jairam's narrow escape from the police while Sarojini and Thakurdas end up in jail.