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     1'''P. Padmarajan (1936-91)''' 
     4Malayalam writer, scenarist and director. 
     5Studied chemistry in Trivandrum, where he 
     6also worked as an AIR announcer. Author of 
     715 novels and scenarist before becoming a 
     8director. Considered a leading member of a 
     9second generation of modernist writers, 
     10following M.T. Vasudevan Nair and O.V. 
     11Vijayan. Several of his anarchist novels, often 
     12about people on the margins, crime and 
     13sexual jealousy, have been the sources for e.g. 
     14Bharathan’s and I.V. Sasi’s films. His own 
     15films have however seldom adapted his own 
     16published fiction, although based on his own 
     17screenplays. Best-known film is Koodevide?, 
     18a psychological drama about the violence 
     19simmering underneath polite discourse. His 
     20folk parable Oridathoru Phayalwan is 
     21about the rise and fall of a childishly simple 
     22wrestler who makes a success of his sport, 
     23marries the prettiest woman in the village but 
     24finds himself a loser in life. Script credits 
     25include: Bharathan’s Prayanam (1975), Rathi 
     26Nirvedham (1978), Thakara (1979), Lorry 
     27(1980) and Eenum (1983); I.V. Sasi’s Itha Ivide 
     28Vare (1977), Vadagaikku Oru Hridayam 
     29(1978), Kaikeyi (1983) and Kaanamarayathu 
     30(1984); K.S. Sethumadhavan’s 
     31Nakshatrangale Kaval (1978); K.G. George’s 
     32Rappadigalude Gatha (1978); Mohan’s Salini 
     33Ente Kuttukari (1980). 
     36'''FILMOGRAPHY:''' 1979: 
     37Peruvazhiyampalam; 1981: Oridathoru 
     38Phayalwan; Kallan Pavithran; 1982: 
     39Novemberinte Nashtam; 1983: Koodevide?; 
     401984: Parannu Parannu Parannu; 1985: 
     41Thinkalazhcha Nalla Divasam; Arappatta 
     42Kettiya Gramathil; 1986: Desadanakkili 
     43Karayilla; Namukku Parkkan Munthiri 
     44Thoppukal; Kariyila Kattu Pole;  
     451987:Nombarathi Poovu; Thoovana Thumbigal; 
     461988: Aparan; Moonnam Pakkam; 1989: 
     47Innale; 1991: Jnan Gandharvan.