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P. N. Menon (b. 1928)

Malayalam director born in Malchad, Trichur. Studied at Trichur School of Art. Went to Madras (1957), worked at Vauhini Studio as painter of sets; later at Salem-based studios. Freelance visual artist in theatre (1960); made publicity posters and hand-outs for Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam cinema. First major film Olavum Theeravum launched the loose collective headed by the film’s producer Backer, breaking with Kerala cinema’s studio and stagebound conventions. This helped pave the way for e.g. Adoor Gopalakrishnan’s early films. Later cloaked his anti-feudal politics in existential mysticism (e.g. Malamukalile Daivam).

FILMOGRAPHY: 1965: Rosy; 1969: Olavum Theeravum; 1971: Kuttiyedathi; Mappusakshi; 1972: Panimudakku; Chemparathi; Chhayam; 1973: Darshanam; Gayatri; 1974: Mazhakkaru; 1975: Odakkuzhal; 1976: Udhayam Kizhakku Thanne; 1977: Taxi Driver; 1979: Devathai; 1981: Archana Teacher; 1982: Anu; Kadamba; 1983: Asthram; Glimpses of Kerala (Doc); Malamukalile Daivam; 1988: Padippura; 1990: Money Order (TV).