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Oru Indhiya Kanavu

aka An Indian Dream 1983 141’ col Tamil d/s Komal Swaminathan p T.P. Varadarajan, Vijayalakshmi Desikan pc Shri Muthiallammal Creations lyr Vali, Vairamuthu c M. Kesavan m M.S. Vishwanathan lp Suhasini, Rajeev, R.K. Raman, Samikkannu, Lalitha

The celebrated playwright and scenarist of Thanneer Thanneer (filmed in 1981) turned director with Yuddha Kandam (1983) and this emphatic reformist melodrama is his 3rd effort. It tells of a woman intellectual, Anamika (Suhasini), who, when exposed to tribal authenticity, becomes an activist on behalf of the tribals in the Javadhi Hills. Overcoming the extremes of political persecution with the help of an honest and therefore victimised policeman, Muthuvel (Rajeev), she exposes the rapist of a tribal woman (Lalitha): the son of a powerful politician who stops at nothing to cover up his son’s crime.