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Oru CBI Diary Kuruppu

1988 137’ col Malayalam d K. Madhu pc Sunitha Prod. p M. Mani s S.N. Swamy c Vipin Das m Shyam lp Mammootty, Urvashi, Suresh Gopi, Janardhanan, Sukumaran Among the best known (with Avanazhi, 1986) of Mammootty’s cop movies. Omana, the daughter-in-law of prominent businessman Ouseph, dies under mysterious conditions. The officer investigating the crime is transferred when he rejects the official conclusion of suicide. Omana’s father and sister (Urvashi) petition the Supreme Court, which orders the CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) to reexamine the case. CBI officer Sethuraman (Mammootty), with crack lieutenants Vikram and Harry, unearths the truth. Much of the film deals with the illegal financial activities of Ouseph and his gang, their extensive political contacts and their control over the local police (who consistently oppose the CBI officers). The end, however, develops from a relatively less explored aspect of the script: Omana’s sexual oppression in an all-male household. The criminal is revealed as one of Ouseph’s henchmen, and the pretence of suicide is meant to cover up a rape.