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     31994 107’ col Oriya 
     4d/sc Biplab Roy Choudhury pc NFDC 
     5st Prafulla Roy dial Hrishikesh Panda c Raju 
     6Mishra m Shantanu Mahapatra 
     7lp Bhim Singh, Bidyut Prava Patnaik, Durlabh 
     8Chandra Singh, Sangeeta Dutta, Sasmita  
     11Roy Choudhury’s savagely ironic allegory of 
     12rural politics in Orissa. The villagers of 
     13Mankonal, surrounded by rapidly depleting 
     14stone quarries, are offered Rs 100 for every 
     15vote they give the local Zamindar who is 
     16contesting a State election. Villagers Bharasa 
     17and Laxmi, desperately in need of extra money, 
     18‘adopt’ a terminally ill beggar and attempt to 
     19keep him alive until the election so that his 
     20vote may fetch them the extra money they 
     21require for their son’s marriage. The old man’s 
     22condition deteriorates and they have to carry 
     23him through the quarries to hospital. On the 
     24way, they blunder onto a dynamite blast which 
     25blows the old man to bits. The film 
     26demonstrates an exemplary control over its 
     27narrative as quarry explosions rend the air, 
     28throwing up continuous clouds of acrid dust, 
     29and picture cut-outs of the politician-landlord 
     30weave through the lives of the villagers like 
     31grotesquely surreal comments both on the 
     32bizarre situation as well as on the forms of 
     33realism usually deployed by Indian film for 
     34these themes. The film was briefly denied a 
     35censorship certificate, apparently because of an 
     36unintended physical resemblance between its 
     37fictional politician and the then-Information & 
     38Broadcasting Minister.