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Nirad Mahapatra

Oriya director born in Bhadrak. Educated in Bhubaneshwar. Interrupted his studies in political science to attend the FTII. Graduated (1971) and returned to Orissa but found no opportunity to make films. Lectured at the FTII (1972-4). Writer and film society organiser in Pune, Bombay and Orissa. Editor of Oriya film journal, Mana Phasal. Returned to live in Bhubaneshwar, where his first feature Maya Miriga was a major critical success.

FILMOGRAPHY: 1971: Sunmica (Sh); Confrontation (Doc); 1975: Dhauligiri Shantistupa (Sh); 1978: The Story of Cement (Doc); 1983: Maya Miriga; 1986: Chhau Dances of Mayurbhanj (Doc); 1987: Pat Paintings of Orissa (Doc); 1988: The Vanishing Forests (Doc); 1990: New Horizon (Doc); 1991: Aparajita (Doc).