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New Delhi

1956 176’ b&w Hindi d Mohan Segal pc Deluxe Films s Inder Raj Anand, Radhakishen lyr Shailendra, Hasrat Jaipuri c K.H. Kapadia m Shankar-Jaikishen lp Vyjayanthimala, Kishore Kumar, Jabeen, Radhakishen, Nasir Hussain, Dhoomal

Segal’s remarkable satire, continuing his work with Kishore Kumar, advocates national unity. The North Indian Daulatram Khanna (N. Hussain) opposes the marriage of his son Anand (K. Kumar) with Janaki (Vyjayanthimala), the daughter of the South Indian Mr Subramanyam. He throws out the Bengali painter Ashok who loves Khanna’s other daughter, Nikki (Jabeen). The musical highlight of the deliberate cultural pot-pourri is Kishore Kumar dressed as Fred Astaire with a cane and a top hat singing Nakhrewali to an indigenous dance number by Vyjayanthimala. The film included several topical references to contemporary politics.