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Navyug Chitrapat

The first film production company to market its shares directly to the public. Started in 1940 by P.K. Atre with a ‘Managing Agency’ comprising Master Vinayak, Baburao Pendharkar and cameraman Pandurang Naik. The business was based on the assets of Huns Pics, enhanced by Rs 100 shares sold via advertisements in English and Marathi papers and journals. Atre also toured large parts of Maharashtra hawking the shares. Worries about the risks of investing in the film industry were partially offset by Huns’ previous successes and by Atre and Vinayak’s reputations. Enough finance was raised to make two of Vinayak/ Khandekar’s classic films: Lagna Pahave Karun (1940) and Sarkari Pahune (1942). When Pendharkar and Naik resigned and Vinayak formed Prafulla Pics, Navyug closed down (1942).