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  • Naseem

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     41995 89’ col Hindi 
     5d/co-sc Saeed Akhtar Mirza pc NFDC/ 
     6Doordarshan co-sc/dial Ashok Mishra 
     7c Virendra Saini m Vanraj Bhatia 
     8lp Kaifi Azmi, Mayuri Kango, Kulbhushan 
     9Kharbanda, Surekha Sikri, Lalitmohan Tiwari, 
     10Salim Shah 
     13Understated but intense family drama set in 
     14June-December 1992, the days preceding the 
     15demolition of the Babri Masjid on Dec 6 by 
     16Hindutva fanatics. Naseem (Kango) is a 
     17schoolgirl belonging to a middle-class Bombaybased 
     18Muslim family. She enjoys a warm 
     19relationship with her aged, ailing grandfather 
     20(Azmi). With increasing horror and foreboding, 
     21the family watches on their television set the 
     22news of the build-up at Ayodhya while the 
     23grandfather regales Naseem with poetry and 
     24stories of life in pre-Independence Agra, 
     25shown in several flashbacks. Naseem’s brother 
     26Mushtaq (Shah) tends towards desperate, 
     27possibly terrorist measures of resistance which 
     28pushes him towards Muslim fundamentalist 
     29circles. The family feels increasingly 
     30beleaguered by saffron-waving mobs and the 
     31police who infest all public spaces. The 
     32grandfather dies on December 6th, his death 
     33coinciding with the news of the mosque’s 
     34destruction. The film’s major feature, in 
     35addition to its finely judged creation of moods 
     36and its admirably controlled performances, is 
     37noted poet and former radical Azmi playing the 
     38grandfather, providing not just a reminder but a 
     39literal embodiment of the cultural traditions 
     40that were at stake in those tragic days.