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     1'''Nargis (1929-81)''' 
     4Hindi-Urdu megastar born in Allahabad as 
     5Fatima A. Rashid. Daughter of actress, singer 
     6and film-maker Jaddanbai who introduced her 
     7to films aged 5 as Baby Rani in Sangeet Films’ 
     8Talash-e-Haq. Early films with Mehboob 
     9including her first lead role in Taqdeer and as 
     10Hamida Bano in Humayun. Best known as 
     11Raj Kapoor’s romantic lead in some of Indian 
     12cinema’s most enduring melodramas: Barsaat, 
     13Andaz, Awara, Shri 420, and Anhonee in 
     14which she played a double role. Kapoor used a 
     15suggestive image from their Barsaat as the 
     16emblem for his R.K. Films. Both Kapoor and 
     17Mehboob in their later films built upon her 
     18early screen image in historicals and 
     19indigenised Shakespearean love tragedies (e.g. 
     20the Kamal Amrohi-scripted Romeo and Juliet) 
     21where she was often presented as the femme 
     22fatale doomed to destruction by her beauty, an 
     23updated version of a stereotype from Islamic 
     24literature and music. Her performances in e.g. 
     25Babul and Jogan also remained the model for 
     26that stereotype. From the beginning, Nargis’s 
     27performances were authentic to a degree 
     28unprecedented in Indian cinema, giving the 
     29Imperial and Sagar Studios’ Arabian Nights 
     30fantasies new layers of meaning. Mehboob 
     31used her as the pivotal figure in his attempts to 
     32merge the symbologies of feudal patriarchy 
     33into those of capitalism (Andaz) while Raj 
     34Kapoor injected Oedipal impulses into his 
     35encounters with ‘tradition’. The pinnacle of her 
     36career was Mother India, an epic pot-pourri 
     37of psychoanalytic, historic and technological 
     38symbols condensing the All-India Film’s post- 
     39WW2 nationalist sentiment. Turned producer 
     40with Nargis Art, producing films directed by 
     41Akhtar Hussain. Married actor Sunil Dutt 
     42(1959) who played her son in Mother India. 
     43Then virtually retired but remained an 
     44important public figure, becoming a Congress 
     45(I) MP in the early 80s, at one time using that 
     46platform for a scathing attack on Satyajit Ray’s 
     47films for exporting images of India’s poverty. 
     48She was much honoured by the Indian and 
     49Soviet governments. Died of cancer shortly 
     50after seeing her and Sunil Dutt’s son, Sanjay, in 
     51his screen début in Rocky (1981). 
     54'''FILMOGRAPHY''' (* as Baby Rani): 1934: 
     55Naachwali*; 1935: Talash-e-Haq*; 1936: 
     56Hridaya Manthan*; Madam Fashion*; 1937: 
     57Moti Ka Haar*; 1942: Tamanna; 
     58Pardanasheen; 1943: Taqdeer; 1944: Anban; 
     59Ismat; 1945: Biswi Sadi; Humayun; 
     60Ramayani; 1946: Nargis; 1947: Mehndi; 
     61Romeo and Juliet; 1948: Aag; Anjuman; 
     62Anokha Pyar; Mela; 1949: Andaz; Barsaat; 
     63Darogaji; Lahore; Rumal; 1950: Adhi Raat; 
     64Babul; Bhishma Pratigya; Birha Ki Raat; 
     65Chhoti Bhabhi; Jaan Pehchan; Jogan; Khel; 
     66Meena Bazaar; Pyar; 1951: Awara; Deedar; 
     67Hulchul; Pyar Ki Baatein; Sagar; 1952: Amber; 
     68Anhonee; Ashiana; Bewafa; Sheesha; 1953: 
     69Aah; Dhun; Pehli Shaadi; Paapi; 1954: 
     70Angarey; 1955: Shri 420; 1956: Chori Chori; 
     71Jagte Raho/Ek Din Raatre; 1957: Miss 
     72India; Mother India; Pardesi; 1958: Adalat; 
     73Ghar Sansar; Lajwanti; 1967: Raat Aur Din.