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  • Narasimha

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     41991 214’ col Hindi 
     5d/p/s N. Chandra pc N. Chandra Prod. 
     6lyr Javed Akhtar c Binod Pradhan 
     7m Laxmikant-Pyarelal 
     8lp Sunny Deol, Dimple Kapadia, Om Puri, 
     9Urmila, Ravi Behl, Babban Yadav, Satish Shah, 
     10Guddi Maruti, Sharat Saxena, Usha Nadkarni, 
     11Shafi Inamdar, Om Shivpuri, Nivedita Joshi, Brij 
     12Gopal, Shail Chaturvedi 
     15Baapji (Om Puri) is the self-styled king of a 
     16township. His loyal lieutenant Narasimha 
     17(Sunny Deol) commits the crimes for him. 
     18Baapji kills the only honest policeman who 
     19attempts to arrest him, and the cop’s son, who 
     20is in love with Baapji’s daughter, is severely 
     21beaten. Baapji’s daughter drives off a 
     22mountainside and declares that she will do 
     23worse if her father does her boyfriend any 
     24more harm. When Baapji asks Narasimha to 
     25expel the policeman’s family from the town, 
     26Narasimha recalls his own homeless past, 
     27reforms and turns against his mentor. The film 
     28updates Vishnu Purana’s legend: Narasimha, 
     29half man and half lion, bursts out of a pillar to 
     30destroy the evil Hiranyakashapu. Sunny Deol, 
     31acting in the Rambo-style, performs the 
     32mythological act shortly after he has been 
     33chained and whipped, and then goes on almost 
     34single-handedly to destroy Baapji’s mansion, 
     35allowing the young lovers to be united. The 
     36villain is killed through divine intervention as 
     37he is impaled by the falling hand of a giant 
     38clock. Chandra’s visceral camerawork matches 
     39the performance of the muscular Deol and 
     40together they amount to a savage argument in 
     41defence of a revivalist mass culture.