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Nanu Nanna Hendthi

1985 145’ col Kannada d/s D. Rajendra Babu pc Eshwari Prod. co-dial N.S. Rao co-dial/lyr Hamsalekha c R. Madhusudhan m Shankar-Ganesh lp Ravichandran, Urvashi, Leelavathi, N.S. Rao, Umashree, Chandru, Somu, Krishnagowda, Anuradha

A fantasy scenario of a female fan’s encounter with her favourite hero (cf. Jeevana Chakra, 1985). A singing star (Ravichandran) claims to be married when renting a house and now has to produce a wife. A strange woman comes into his life and takes charge. Although her behaviour is eventually provided with a motivation, the nurturing role she adopts and the liberties she takes with him are mainly part of the genre’s fantasy structure designed to boost the male star’s image. The film, probably future composer Hamsalekha’s debut as songwriter, announces the megahit Premaloka (1987), also a collaboration with Ravichandran.