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Nanand Bhojai

aka The Victim of Society 1927 St 9370 ft b&w dis Manila! Joshi pc Excelsior Film cD.D. Dabke lpThatte, S. Nazir, Zubeida, Udvadia, Takle, Miss Mani, Nargis, Gangaram

After his successful Mojili Mumbai (1925). Joshi again used a real-life incident as the basis for a typical melodramatic plot locating reformist concerns in large joint families riven by tensions between in-Jaws. A greedy brother forces.his educated sister to marry a rich old man. She rebels, goes to court and succeeds in preveriting the marriage. The film was shot in Surat, where the original incident took place. A reviewer of the period noted that 'this is one of the feV.· films to show Western women as not all bad'. Nanubhai Vakil remade the film in 1934, again casting Zubeida.