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1949 199’ b&w Tamil d Krishnan-Panju pc Eneskay Pics, Jayanti Ents s C.N. Annadurai lyr Udumalai Narayana Kavi, K.P. Kamakshi c V. Kumaradevan mus C.R. Subburaman lp N.S. Krishnan, T.A. Mathuram, S.V. Sahasranamam, P. Bhanumathi, Alwar Kuppuswamy, T.K. Kanta, S.R. Janaki, D.V. Narayanswamy, M.N. Rajam

Together with Velaikkari (1949), this key DMK film initiates Annadurai’s film career. The zamindar of Swapnapuri bequeaths his property to his daughter Pushpa (Bhanumathi) and his sister’s son, the idealist rebel Nallathambi (Krishnan). The villain Bhoopati (Sahasranamam), who planned to marry Pushpa to acquire her land, sows discord between Pushpa and Nallathambi while the latter propagates Annadurai’s political programme (e.g. advocating prohibition) and defends the people who are oppressed by the zamindari system. In many ways the most Gandhian of the DMK Films (e.g. on issues like prohibition), the attacks on the zamindari system also indicate the DMK’s moves away from the Justice Party. While promoting Krishnan as a star, the film’s highlight is a fantasy insert in which Bhanumathi becomes Cleopatra.