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1986 140’ col Malayalam d Hariharan pc Gayathri Cinema p Gayathri Parvathi s M.T. Vasudevan Nair lyr O.N.V. Kurup c Shaji N. Karun m Ravi lp Vineeth, Monisha, Saleena, Jagannatha Varma, Thilakan, Kaviyoor Ponnamma, Jayachandran

The poor orphan Ramu (Vineeth), accompanied by his tyrannical uncle, visits the temple town of Guruvayoor where he falls in love with Gouri (Monisha). Ramu runs away to live near Gouri’s village, where she works as a maid for a rich but generous lawyer. The lawyer pays for Ramu’s education and employs him as his assistant. However, Lakshmi (Saleena), the lawyer’s deaf-mute daughter, falls in love with Ramu. Unable to resolve what he sees as the conflicting demands of love and obligation, Ramu kills himself. The film, noted for its popular music and the presence of the singer Jayachandran, also featured the screen debuts of two University Art Festival discoveries, Vineeth and Monisha.