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1987 158’ col Malayalam d Sathyan Andhikkad pc Casino st Siddique-Lal sc/dial Srinivasan lyr Yusuf Ali Kacheri c Vipin Mohan m Shyam lp Mohanlal, Srinivasan, Shobhana, Thilakan, Innocent, Mamu Koya

The first of a crazy comedy series featuring the enterprising down-but-not-out friends Ramdas (Mohanlal) and Vijayan (Srinivasan). The two friends attack each other constantly while getting into a series of tragi-comic scrapes: they lose their jobs as peons and then come to grief as they try to start a dairy business. They finally give all their money, as well as all they can borrow, to a shifty employment agent who promises them jobs in the Gulf but dumps them in Madras. Things end happily when their misadventures unintentionally lead the police to arrest a major smuggling ring, after which they are rewarded with jobs in the police department. The well-known filmmaker I.V. Sasi and his actress-wife Seema appear briefly as themselves. The enormous success of this comedy spawned two sequels, Pattana Praveshanam (1988) and Akkareakkareakkare (1990).