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Nabyendu Chatterjee (b. 1937)

Bengali director who started out, unsuccessfully, as an actor. Then assistant to Aravind Mukherjee (1962-5). Directorial début with an experimental Hindi film, followed by a hit Bengali film and continued directing in that language, bemoaning the passing of his notion of village life in Bengal (Aaj Kal Parshur Galpa) and the Calcutta middle-class sense of disorientation which turns politically and economically weak men into violent oppressors of women (Chopper). The women in his films tend to stand for the values of a pre-modern patriarchal order. Unsuccessfully tried to extend Mrinal Sen’s early-70s approach in the 80s.

FILMOGRAPHY: 1967: Naya Raasta; 1968: Adwitiya; 1972: Chitthi; Ranur Pratham Bhaag; 1981: Aaj Kal Parshur Galpa; 1985: Chopper; 1987: Sarisreep; 1989: Parashuramer Kuthar; 1990: Atmaya; 1993: Shilpi.