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     1The National Film Development Corporation of India (NFDC) is the central agency established in 1975, to encourage good cinema in India based in Mumbai.[1] It functions under Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India. The primary goal of the NFDC is to plan, promote and organize an integrated and efficient development of the Indian film industry and foster excellence in cinema.It was established in 1975.[2] Over the years, NFDC has provided a wide range of services essential to the growth of Indian cinema especially Indian parallel cinema in 1970s.[3] The NFDC (and its predecessor the Film Finance Corporation) has so far funded or produced over 300 films. These films, in various Indian languages, have been widely acclaimed and have won many national and international awards. A recent example is the third ever Kashmiri feature film, Bub ('father' in English), which was directed by Jyoti Sarup. 
     2The National Film Development Corporation of India was also one of the production companies for Gandhi, which won eight Academy Awards in 1983.[citation needed] 
     3Director Ramesh Sippy took over the position of chairman of NFDC in 2012.[4] He replaced actor Om Puri who was appointed in 2008