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Ali, Muzaffar (b. 1944)

Hindi-Urdu director born in Lucknow. Eldest son of the Raja Sajid Husain of Kotwara. Science graduate from Aligarh Muslim University (1966). Worked in advertising agencies Clarion-McCann? (1966) and Advertising & Sales Promotion (1968), and in publicity division of Air India (1970-81). Amateur painter with exhibitions in Aligarh, Lucknow, Calcutta and Bombay. First film, Gaman, about migrant labour in Bombay. Umrao Jaan returned to now rarely attempted (except in TV) genre of courtly melodrama set under Muslim rule. Worked with political themes with Subhashini Ali, a Kanpur-based trade unionist and one-time CPI(M) MP. Made and acted lead role of his TV serial Jaan-e- Alam, rehabilitating the Nawab Wajid Ali Shah, King of Avadh. The story was inspired by the Indrasabha, a nautanki ballet of the period (cf. Indrasabha, 1932). One of the founders of the MUKT (Marketing Union of Kinematograph Technicians) Co-operative. Last feature, Zooni, remains unfinished. Now a fashion designer. Supports the UP-based Samajwadi (Socialist) Party of Mulayam Singh Yadav; unsuccessfully contested the state legislature elections in October 1993.

FILMOGRAPHY: 1978: Gaman; 1981: Umrao Jaan; 1982: Vasiquedars: Pensioners of Avadh (Doc); Woodcraft of Sahranpur (Doc); Venue India (Doc); Laila Majnu Ki Nai Nautanki (Doc); 1983: Sunehre Sapne (Sh); Wah! Maan Gaye Ustad (Sh); Agaman; 1984: Vadakath: A Thervad In Kerala (Doc); Together Forever (Sh); Wapas Chalo (TV-Sh); Kue Yaar Mein (Doc); 1985: Ganga Teri Shakti Apaar (Doc); India: An Unusual Environment for Meetings (Doc); Sheeshon Ka Masiha (Doc); 1986: Anjuman; Jaan-e-Alam (TV); Aaya Basant Sakhi, Kali Mohini, Semal Ki Darakht (all Sh); 1991: Khizan (Doc)