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Muqaddar Ka Sikandar

1978 189’ col Hindi d/p/co-lyr Prakash Mehra pc Prakash Mehra Prod. st Lakshmikant Sharma sc Vijay Kaul dial Kadar Khan co-lyr Anjaan c N. Satyen m Kalyanji-Anandji lp Amitabh Bachchan, Raakhee, Vinod Khanna, Rekha, Amjad Khan, Shriram Lagoo, R.P. Sethi, Madhu Malini, Nirupa Roy, Kadar Khan

Bachchan reprises his typical persona of the doomed loner with a mother fixation living and fighting in an urban jungle. A homeless urchin, he receives his name, Sikandar, from his foster- mother (N. Roy). He is raised to be a servant of Kaamna (Raakhee), with whom he falls in love, but her father Ramanath (Lagoo) accuses him of theft and he is cast out. Sikandar befriends a lawyer, Vikas (Khanna), which presents him with a second parental figure and a new responsibility: to ensure Vikas’s happiness. Vikas falls in love with Kaamna, pre-empting Sikandar’s own declaration of love when he goes to find her. Forewarned by the suicide of the only other woman in his life, the prostitute Zohra (Rekha), Sikandar arranges Vikas’s marriage to Kaamna before he dies at the hands of the villain Bilawal (Amjad Khan), a former lover of Zohra. In spite of the film’s aesthetic shortcomings, with rapid and jumpy editing usually to cover up limitations in the shooting, the story’s rootedness in Bombay and Bachchan’s extraordinary performance confirmed him as the icon of Bombay’s industrialised lumpen proletariat.