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Munjaneya Manju

1993 154’ col Kannada d/co-p P.H. Vishwanath pc Sandesh Combines p Sandesh Nagaraj, Netravathi S. Nagaraj,

  1. Satish sc T.N. Narasimhan dial Kotiganahalli

Ramayya lyr/m Hamsalekha c R. Manjunath lp Ambarish, Sudharani, Tara, Ashwath, Ramesh Bhatt, Tennis Krishna, Avinash, Honavalli Krishna, Anantaram Macheri, Ramakrishna, Rajendra Singh, Ashalatha, Kantha Purshottam, Chetana, Manjula, Baby Sowmya, Baby Kumuda, Baby Netravathi

Topical crime thriller wrapped around a domestic ‘misunderstanding’ melodrama. The film addresses real estate-related crime (a controversial subject in post-liberalisation Bangalore) as represented by a North Indian villain named Juneja. Madhav (Ambarish), a lawyer with a mission, makes an enemy of Juneja when he refuses to take him as a client. At home, his wife Meera (Sudharani), pathologically sensitive to disturbing news, gets Madhav to promise to refuse dangerous cases. They help Meera’s friend (Tara) by hiring her for his office, but Meera suspects an affair and becomes jealous. Eventually, both the crime story and the domestic story find a joint resolution.