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Barua, Munin (b. 1948)

Assamese scenarist, musician and film-maker. Introduced as instrumentalist in Nalin Duara’s Mamata (1973) but changed to become a scenarist. His scripts make him one of the main purveyors of middle-budget, deliberately middle-of-the-road and non-sensationalist socials of the 80s. Scripted, in addition to his own films, several productions by Siva Prasad Thakur?: Bowari (1982), Ghar Sansar (1983), Son Moina (1984) and Mon Mandir (1985). Also scripted Ae Desh Mor Desh (1986), Biju Phukan’s Bhai Bhai (1988), and Sewali (1989).

FILMOGRAPHY: 1987: Pratima; Pita Putra; 1991: Pahadi Kanya; 1992:Prabhati Pokhir Gaan.