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Mulu Manek

1955 137’ b&w Gujarati d/sc Manhar Raskapur pc Vikram Chitra st/dial Gunwantrai Acharya from his play Allabeli lyr Karsandas Manek c Manek Mehta m Indukumar lp Shanta Apte, Arvind Pandya, Champsibhai Nagda, Shalini, Champak Lala, Ulhas

This film of Acharya’s anti-imperialist play, first staged by the IPTA, opens Raskapur’s series of tales about valorous Rajput clans resisting the British conquest (cf. Kadu Makrani, 1960). Set in Okha, Kathiawar, a region taken by the British and controlled by the Gaekwad royalty, in the period preceding and during the 1857 mutiny. In his fight against the British and the Gaekwad family, the courageous Mulu Manek becomes a bandit. The antagonism is exacerbated when the hero’s childhood friend Devba joins the enemy after being rejected by Mulu’s sister. This is Marathi and Hindi singing star Apte’s only Gujarati film. It was remade by Manibhai Vyas in 1977.