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Muhurtam At 11.30

1985 138’ col Malayalam d Joshi pc Saj Prod. s Kalloor Dennis lyr Poovachal Khader c N.A. Tara m Shyam lp Mammootty, Ratheesh, Prathap Chandran, Saritha, Baby Shalini, Surekha, Lalitha, Lalu Alex, Kunjan, V.D. Rajappan, Jagathi Srikumar Melodrama by one of Malayalam cinema’s foremost practitioners in the art. Love triangle featuring the good doctor Haridas

(Mammootty), his new receptionist and ex-wife Indu and his rival (and Indu’s cousin) Jayan. The doctor believes that the child born to Indu is not his. Jayan dies of a heart attack, shortly after a major operation, followed by Indu: the doctor realises his suspicions were groundless, but is too late to prevent the tragedy.