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Mr Sampat

1952 165’ b&w Hindi d S.S. Vasan pc Gemini st R.K. Narayan’s novel (1949) lyr Pandit Indra, Kashyap m E. Shankar Sastry, Balkrishna Kalla lp Motilal, Padmini, Kanhaiyalal, Swaraj, Vanaja, Agha

The famous R.K. Narayan literary character of the gentleman crook became a classic Motilal role. The suave and fast-talking Mr Sampat hits Bombay as the manager of Seth Makhanlal Jhaverimull Gheewala’s (Kanhaiyalal) municipal election campaign. He opens a bank with assistance from a former prince and the Kalamandir Theatre company to impress the woman he wants to win, Malini Devi (Padmini).