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aka The Fire Fly 1957 ?’ b&w Malayalam d/co-p/co-sc Ramu Kariat co-p Sreenivasan pc Chitra Keralam co-sc Rafi dial K.S.K. Thalikulam lyr P. Bhaskaran c B.J. Reddy m Baburaj lp Damayanthi, Seeta, Padmam, Menon, Santha Devi, Mary Eddy, Maggie, Vasudev, Vipin, Lateef, Vakkachhan, Balakrishna Menon, Premji

Mysore’s Premier Studio’s melodrama about a young woman, Ammini, orphaned because of a greedy doctor’s negligence. She becomes a maid and surrogate mother in the new doctor’s household but the man’s wife feels threatened and has Ammini sacked. However, misunderstandings are cleared up, and in the end Ammini is happily absorbed into the doctor’s family and the villagers bid a tearful farewell to the group when the doctor is transferred. The virtually unknown cast is handled competently by the young Kariat who was to develop into one of Kerala’s main film- makers. The film was not successful.