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Mhari Pyari Chanana

1983 130’ col Rajasthani d/sc Jatin Kumar pc Jayashree Ents st Bharat Vyas’s play Ramu Chanana dial/co-lyr Suraj Dadhich c H. Lakshminarayan m Narayan Dutt lp Satyajit Puri, Pooja Saxena, Ramesh Tiwari, Bina Shyam, Ajay Sinha, Suraj Dadhich, Ritu Khanna, S.D. Chavan, Hakim Keranvi, Master Anil

Successful Rajasthani melodrama adapted from Vyas’s stage hit. Poor Ramu (Puri) and rich Chanana (Saxena) are childhood lovers but class differences keep them apart as her desires conflict with the need to maintain her father’s social standing. The film evokes the Laila- Majnu and Shirin-Farhad legends with overtones of Devdas thrown in for good measure.