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aka The Verdict 1994 122’ col Assamese d Sanjib Hazarika pc Nirmali Arts, Narayanpur p Jayanta Hazarika, Mahadeb Borkotoky st Nirupama Borgohain sc Ranjit Sharma c Mrinalkanti Das m Sher Choudhury lp Monami Bezbarua, Arun Nath, Narmada Das Devi, Bidyut Chakraborty, Indra Bania, Tilak Das, Kuki Hazarika, Nikumani Barua Miserabilist tale set in the Assamese countryside of the widowed Sushila’s (Bezbarua) futile search for justice when the evil Zamindar Harekrishna (Sharma) rapes her. Harekrishna in turn accuses her of arson. Her troubles continue when she is bailed out by the businessman Bishnu (Chakraborty) in return for becoming his sexual ‘property’. Eventually, she is rescued by Harekrishna’s weak assistant (Nath), who loved her but was unable to stand up to his evil master. The director is a former playwright and actor (e.g. Agnisnan, 1985) who made one earlier feature, Haladhar (1992).