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Mazhavil Kavadi

1989 143’ col Malayalam d Sathyan Andhikkad pc Kokers Films p Siyad Koker s Raghunath Paleri lyr Kaithapram c Vipin Mohan m Johnson lp Jayaram, Sitara, Urvashi, Innocent

Velayudhankutty (Jayaram) loves Ammini (Sitara) and she being his ‘murappennu’ - his uncle’s daughter and therefore by custom his bride-to-be, all should have been well, except that the Uncle (Innocent) has different plans for his daughter. The comedy tells how poor Velayudhan goes to Palani in Tamil Nadu and becomes a barber tonsuring the heads of thousands of pilgrims, which prompts him to write home claiming to have become the ‘head cleaner’ in a large electronics factory. Anandavalli (Urvashi), his employer’s daughter, falls for him but sportingly steps aside to enable the happy ending to take place.