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1954 ?’ col Hindi d/s/p Kishore Sahu pc Sahu Films lyr Hasrat Jaipuri c Andre Thomas m Shankar-Jaikishen lp Kishore Sahu, Sumitra Devi, Odette Ferguson, Jankidass, Reginald Jackson, Seema, Asha Mathur, Helen, Ramesh Gupta, Cuckoo, Moni Chatterjee

A love story addressing racial division and contrasting European and Indian values. Joan Davis (Ferguson) and William Griffith (Jackson), who loves Joan, arrive in India as tourists. One night, stranded in a dense forest, they meet Ranjit (Sahu), an aristocrat from Jaipur. Ranjit and Joan fall in love to the silent distress of Ranjit’s wife Shanti (Sumitra Devi) as well as that of Griffith but, predictably, ethnic loyalties prevail in the end.