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1985 142’ col Telugu d/co-sc Singeetham Srinivasa Rao pc Usha Kiron Movies st Usha Kiron Movies Unit co-sc/dial Ganesh Patro lyr Veturi Sundara Ramamurthy c A. Hari m S.P. Balasubramanyam lp Sudha Chandran, Subhakar, P.L. Narayana,

  1. Vijaya, Nirmala

Melodrama about a classical dancer who, after an accident, has a leg amputated. With an artificial leg known as the Jaipur foot, she returns to dancing and regains her earlier reputation. The film was promoted as a fictionalised version of the real-life story of its lead actress, Sudha Chandran. Other characters include a henpecked father, a cruel stepmother and a boyfriend who is the cause of the accident and promptly abandons Mayuri when she becomes a cripple, adding to her determination to regain her lost self-respect.