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Mayophy Gee Macha

aka Mayophy’s Son 1994 92’ col Meiteilon-Manipuri d Oken Amakcham pc P.K. Films p Thouyangba, Thoungamba s M.K. Binodini Devi lyr Th. Kora c Sarat m N. Tiken lp Makhon Mani, R.S. Joycee, Narendra Ningomba, Pishak, Bimola, Master Nongyai

Melodrama about three women from the Tangkhul community in the Manipuri hills. The story is told in flashback after a young girl, the daughter of Mayophy raised by her widowed grandmother, writes to the narrator having been selected to represent India in the Asian Games. The three women evoke the pristine, mountainous landscape even as they encounter modernity and urbanisation. The language is a tribal dialect of Manipuri