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1975 156’ col Hindi d/co-sc/lyr/ Gulzar pc Sunandini Pics, P. Mallikarjuna Rao st Kamleshwar co-sc Bhushan Banmali c K. Vaikunth m Madan Mohan lp Sharmila Tagore, Sanjeev Kumar, Om Shivpuri, Agha, Satyen Kappu, Dina Pathak, Lily Chakraborty

The successful doctor Amarnath Gill (Kumar) returns to a hill resort where 20 years ago he had an affair with the local beauty Chanda (Tagore). He learns that she had gone crazy waiting for him, married unhappily and died shortly after giving birth to a daughter. He now encounters the fiery prostitute Kajli (Tagore again) who turns out to be the daughter. Without revealing his identity, he tries to make her a socially respectable woman in several comic and, to him, embarrassing situations recalling Shaw’s Pygmalion. Kajli, who hates the man who jilted her mother and caused her death, eventually relents and leaves with the hero. Tagore’s lively performance is the highlight of the film.