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1950 136’ b&w Hindi/Bengali? d Nitin Bose pc Bombay Talkies st Bankimchandra Chattopadhyay sc Sajanikanta Das dial[H] Sudarshan lyr[H] Pradeep c Radhu Karmakar m S.D. Burman, Manna Dey lp Ashok Kumar, Sumitra Devi, Ruma Ganguly, Kanu Roy, Moni Chatterjee, Krishnakant

Based on Bankimchandra’s novel Rajani (1877), this romance addresses property rights. Samar (Kumar) and Tarangini (Sumitra Devi) are childhood lovers. Samar feels betrayed when she obeys her father’s decision and marries a wealthy zamindar. When Samar becomes a successful lawyer, he tries to take revenge on Tarangini and marries a blind flower-girl who, he discovers, owns the property on which the zamindar has built his fortune. The plot is complicated by the fact that the blind girl loves Jatin, the zamindar’s son.