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Manzilein Aur Bhi Hain

aka Jail is still Ahead 1973 112’ col Hindi d/st Mahesh Bhatt p Johnny Bakshi, R.H. Jain pc Cine Guild sc Rakesh Sharma dial Satyadev Dubey lyr Yogesh c Pravin Bhatt m Bhupinder Soni lp Prema Narayan, Kabir Bedi, Gulshan Arora, Purnima, Sudhir, Shah Aga, Mukesh Bhatt, Soni, Ranvir Raj, Viju Khote, Kirti Kumar, Uma Dutt

Bhatt described his first feature as revolving around ‘an unusual sexual relationship between a prostitute (Narayan) and two criminals on the run. The film was a box-office disaster.’ The fast paced thriller proclaims its violation of morality codes, as noted theatre personality Dubey’s aggressive dialogues sometimes evoke the Abbas or Sukhdev-type rhetoric attacking corruption. It was banned for 14 months by the censors for mocking the ‘sacred institution of marriage’.