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Manu Uncle

1988 123’ col Malayalam d/sc Dennis Joseph pc Jubily Prod p Joy Thomas st/dial/lyr Shibu Chakravarthy c Jayanan Vincent m Shyam lp Mammootty, Soman, Pratapchandran, Suresh Gopi, Kuriatchan, Sandheep, Anoop, Kareem, Mohanlal

Children’s adventure story adapting the ‘kids on vacation’ plot still associated amongst Indian children with Enid Blyton and Margaret Bhatty. Four school children trail a gang of museum thieves. On the way, they take part in bicycle chases, befriend a runaway delinquent and have a lavish lunch paid for by Malayalam superstar Mohanlal, in a brief guest appearance. In the end the kids overwhelm the gangsters’ hideout and fight it out with cricket balls and a little help from their beloved Manu Uncle (Mammootty), a scientist and secret agent. Suresh Gopi, as the bungling police chief, dominates the climax.